Saturday, March 3, 2007

More Details about the RCB Review

Here are some more details about the WREK Review Process that is being conducted by the Georgia Tech Radio Communications Board (RCB):
  • A meeting with Public Broadcasting Atlanta (PBA) is being planned sometime in March. This will complete the RCB's hearings to consider the "three proposals".
  • The WREK staff is in the process of preparing a Strategic Plan that will present their vision of WREK's future. This plan will be considered by the RCB as part of its deliberations.
  • A survey of Georgia Tech students is being prepared and distributed by the Georgia Tech office of Institute Communications and Public Affiars (IPCA). The results of this survey will be reviewed by the RCB as part of its deliberations.
  • A "Town Hall Meeting" at Georgia Tech is being planned to to facilitate a public discussion about the future of WREK.
The board will make its recommendations after these steps have been completed.

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