Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The RCB / GPB Meeting

The RCB meeting with the GPB was held today as scheduled. Commenter "WREKker" at Rodney Ho's RadioTalk blog describes the scene (emphasis mine):
The meeting was unusual in a lot of ways. GPB’s representatives purported to only be interested in a “partnership” with WREK. They would give WREK staffers opportunities like internships in exchange for airing their programming. Whether WREK staff are interested in internships, I cannot say. But I doubt it. As for their programming, they are primarily interested in “drive time”, when they are airing NPR staples like Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, and Marketplace. They repeatedly stated that they were looking for a way to get a signal into Atlanta, and that they had no specific proposal. It was “whatever WREK wants.” It is uncertain whether you can take this at face value, however.
Update (2/8 10AM): Rodney has now posted his own report on the meeting.


old-timer Dave said...

Friends - I have been in consulting in broadcasting for almost 30 years. I have sent mail to the Tech President already. While I do not have all the three vying entity's proposals in front of me as I write, there is NOTHING but greed and self-interest in the GPB proposal. The AA Dept. wanting to do more sports can be done without much changing at all, so, what's that deal about? If they need some advice about how to run non-commercial sponsorship announcements for sporting events, I will volunteer my time for training. The PBA proposal sounds like a knee-jerk response to me, they at least offer a little back to Tech (nothing of real value, but something). Friends - you gotta let your voice be heard and get it out there before the money grubbers take out an independent voice in Atlanta. There is absolutely no reason to have GPB's rather lame statewide feed in Atlanta for drivetime when ABE already has those newsmagazines. There is nothing of service that they offer. Having ABE on two frequencies would be even more wasteful (unless they counter-programmed them). Many of my colleagues in public broadcasting who argue that the NPR news shows on more than one station in a market is good for public radio are now wondering why there's fewer people listening to public radio these days. Having the same program on the air on two stations in one market is inexcusable - and is GPB going to do Atlanta traffic? Imagine how they'll love hearing that in Albany and Savannah.

matt said...

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Mike said...

The issue is that the GTAA is $3 million in debt. That's why the GTAA proposal was first. Now President Clough is allowing these other proposals as a courtesy to the GTAA president. You may have noticed articles in the AJC about increased season ticket prices, increased student athletics fees, and inquiries into selling the naming rights to Alexander Coliseum.
The GTAA thought WREK would be a quick fix for part of their problems. I don't think they expected the outcry from the Technique and alumni. And if I know Clough, the last thing he wants to do if piss off Alumni.
But we'll just have to wait and see.

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George said...

According to early news reports, both the GTAA and GPB proposals came via Clough. PBA's proposal came later, and was likely a "me too!" attempt after they heard that WREK might be up for grabs.

Regarding the GTAA - they ran themselves into the ground over the last several years. Why should they be trusted to manage a radio station when they can't manage a university athletic program?